"I am very much satisfied with the treatment I got from Dr.Manvir Bhatia as she understood my issues and given treatment on the basis of that, I had treated in AIIMS and PGI but no improvement seen on myself. But with the treatment got by Dr.Bhatia I can say I have improved by 85 %. I am very thankful and convey my best regards to the doctor for treating me."

 Dated - 16/10/2019

– Mohd T.

"My son had a sleep test on 7/10/2019, very impressed with the technician as he conducted the test with full zeal and concentration highly commendable."

 Dated - 10/10/2019

– N.T

"It’s always lovely meeting Dr. Manvir. A pleasant experience every time. All staff member soft- spoken& super helpful. Sleep study conducted home was also very comfortable. Highly recommend. "

 Dated - 7/10/2019

– D.S

"Dr Bhatia . is really very good . Very amicable environment friendly staff. Very Much satisfied. Thank You."

 Dated - 5/10/2019

– D.B

"Hospitable and courteous staff. "

 Dated - 3/10/2019

– M.k

"Very good environment in Clinic .Cool and lovely manners , thanks a lot. "

 Dated - 2/10/2019

– S.N

"Test was conducted very nicely. Thank you. "

 Dated - 1/10/2019

– K.G

"Environment is good. Test done in very loving manner madam is very loving. "

 Dated - 1/10/2019

– V.A

"This was a life changing innervation for me. In four month I lose 20 kg because I was sleeping better and my body was digestive food. The staff specially was very supportive throughout."

 Dated - 30/9/2019

– A.A

"The staff coordination and manages systematically the work that is being given together. "

 Dated - 28/9/2019

– S

"Well I must say that staff is very helpful well as they treat their patient in a good manner."

 Dated - 27/9/2019

– S.G

"highly satisfied with treatment and happy with good behavior of staff and calm environment. "

 Dated - 27/9/2019

– Dr. S

"Very impressed. Will definitely recommend. "

 Dated - 27/9/2019

– Dr. JB

"Excellent job did all work patiently. Thanks a lot keep up good work. "

 Dated - 26/9/2019

– A.B

"very impressive accolades encourage my daughter to follow her dream. "

 Dated - 26/9/2019

– R.V

"Very thank her, all I can say I find the solution just became of her, Excellent. "

 Dated - 24/9/2019

– T

"Very courteous and polite did not make me wait. Grateful for that. "

 Dated - 24/9/2019

– K.P

"Excellent Job very patient fully done, keep it up."

 Dated - 21/9/2019

– S.S

"Very Caring and Gracious Staff. "

 Dated - 21/9/2019

– C.T

"It was a pleasant experience. The doctor approach was very encouraging & Her Staff was thoroughly Cooperative. "

 Dated - 21/9/2019

– S.K.J

"The technician did a good job they made me relaxed while during the test. "

 Dated - 20/9/2019

– U.M

"It was an excellent in behavior and examined I personally impressed and doctor is very helpful. "

 Dated - 20/9/2019

– A.P

" It Was an Excellent and Almost Consultation with Doctor cum Guardian Senior. "

 Dated - 18/9/2019

– R.K

"Very Well Experience & Explain About Problem & All Therapies. "

 Dated - 17/9/2019

– D.C

"Extremely Satisfied All Staff is Very Polite and Extremely Helpful. "

 Dated - 16/9/2019

– N.K

"Satisfaction with Service and Treatment. "

 Dated - 14/9/2019

– Mr. A

"Very Good Service Keep It- up Staff Very Hospitable. "

 Dated - 14/9/2019

– R.C

"Good and Nice Treatment."

 Dated - 13/9/2019

– A.K.R

"She is So Good and comfortably handles patient issues. Thank You. "

 Dated - 13/9/2019

– S.K Ali

"The Doctor is Super Helpful and Gives Her Full Attention to the Patient."

 Dated - 13/9/2019

– A B