" Thank you for your mail inquiring about my condition. I would like you to know that I have got adjusted to the BiPAP. I have read all the instruction manuals for each of its parts. Presently, I'm using the BiPAP every night. It has changed my sleep pattern dramatically. I sleep more soundly, with a much lesser degree of struggle to breathe. Consequently, I wake up feeling quite refreshed. I don't feel tired on waking as I used to before using the instrument. Also, I don't have bouts of sleepiness during the day as I used to have previously. My energy levels too have improved drastically. It is only now I realize what I had been missing it out in terms of an undisturbed and refreshing sleep. "

– Mr. G.D

" Sleep was quite good after use of CPAP. Sleep Test was also conducted successfully. "

– Mr.Pathak

" 4 stars to the doctor and the staff, environment was very good, technician helped me a lot by making me comfortable with all the sensors, he was there all night so that I could sleep better. "

– Mr.Agarwal

" After a longtime got a sound sleep. Thanks to Dr.Bhatia. "

– Mr.Vohra

" Well organised, courteous staff, too great care of my comfort, comfortable staying area, overall very satisfied experience. "

– Mr.Nair

" Very friendly environment, Dr.Bhatia is an expert doctor and understand the issues in detail. I was very happy with the sleep test."

– Mrs Nagpal

" Experience Staff and well trained under Dr.Bhatia, Very pleasant environment and polite behavior of the staff. "

– Mr.Khanna

" I am using CPAP Device for the past two years firstly I was very scared of these devices but on the advice of Dr.Bhatia I took it for three days trial and I saw a sudden change in my sleep I got a sound sleep which I was desiring, so I decided to purchase it and its been two years I am very happy with myself, as I followed the advice to change my lifestyle and keep using CPAP device I am getting proper sleep, i am more energetic now as before. "

– Mr.Virk

" With the use of CPAP my sleep has improved. "

– Mr.Sadh

" Feeling Better, continuously using the device and Comfortable with the device. "

– Mr.Singhani