"Pleasant, comfortable experience very respectful and courteous staff."

 Dated - 11th Sep 2019

– KN

"Very cooperative and interactive Doctor-Centre is excellent with Peaceful and clean environment."

 Dated - 11th Sep 2019

– RC

"Liked the way medical test is done. Good Staff and experienced Doctor."

 Dated - 11th Sep 2019

– JK

"Excellent and calm place with great service"

 Dated - 9th Sep 2019

– FQ

"Dr.Manvir Bhatia is an excellent doctor. She carefully listens and explains the problem to patients. All staff and technicians are well trained, very well behaved and highly professional."

 Dated - 7th Sep 2019

– ND

"After using AVAPS I am feeling active, I am doing my all routine work actively."

 Dated - 7th Sep 2019

– AL

"Excellent Place with the right ambience as needed."

 Dated - 3rd Sep 2019

– SB

"Very nice experience. Clean Environment, Courteous Staff. Excellent Bedside manners-Great Doctor"

 Dated - 28th Aug 2019

– HS

"Very Good experience and good improvement by the best treatment got by the doctor"

 Dated - 27th Aug 2019

– IG

"The procedure was done gently with proper explanations-Good Experience"

 Dated - 27th Aug 2019

– GM

"Very satisfying and encouraging interaction, The staff is very co-operative and friendly."

 Dated - 26th Aug 2019

– GK

"Good consultation by the doctor medication help to a lot in sleeping attacks."

 Dated - 26th Aug 2019

– RG

"Have been using their service since mid March, have foud the service very helpful and cooperative. They respond immidiately and give constant support."

 Dated - 24th Aug 2019

– SV

"Very Friendly and supportive technicians, my best wishes to the centre-Good Luck!"

 Dated - 17th Aug 2019

– Mr.UJ