"Very good doctor"

 Dated - 9th Aug 2019

– Ms MS

"Good doctor very helpful & behavior is also good"

 Dated - 9th Aug 2019

– Ms SN

"I am using pap device since last one year and my life has been cahnged ever since"

 Dated - 9th Aug 2019

– Mr SM

"Very easy process to get the sleep study done information was very well provided by person visited and Dr.Bhatia"

 Dated - 8th Aug 2019

– Mr. AG

"Very helpful and supportive team great service and orientation"

 Dated - 7th Aug 2019

– Ms AC

"Very helpful staff and briefed about the process in detail"

 Dated - 6th Aug 2019

– Mr.MN

"Doctor is super friendly and is very through with the investigations"

 Dated - 5th Aug 2019

– Mr M

"Dr.Manvir Bhatia is extremely patient with her patients, the staff is very polite and punctual about all the tasks."

 Dated - 5th Aug 2019

– Ms NR

"Staff's behavior is very good very courteous and friendly. Best Wishes"

 Dated - 5th Aug 2019

– Mr. AS

"Helpful staff and test done as per the appointment time, no waiting"

 Dated - 2nd Aug 2019

– Mr.RB