"Good, competent and polite staff. Explained everything very well. Good Experience."

 Dated - 18th June 2019

– NL

"Good & Polite Staff and Doctor gives proper time."

 Dated - 14th June 2019

– Binny

"Good and polite staff. Dr.Bhatia is amazing doctor."

 Dated - 7th June 2019

– AC

"Very cordial staff, Excellent and Delightful Experience."

 Dated - 4th June 2019

– AM

"Very Cooperative Staff, Good communication skills, Pleasant atmosphere, Very nice environment green and clean."

 Dated - 25th May 2019

– SK Bhardwaj

"Excellent Doctor-Very helpful very knowledgeable. She gives much desired time to patients. Staff akso very pleasant and helpful Lovely experience.Keep it up."

 Dated - 25th May 2019

– RR

"Good Experience and Cooperative Staff."

 Dated - 23rd May 2019

– MA

"Pleasant staff, professionalism was good."

 Dated - 22nd May 2019

– AK

"Very professional. Sleep test was perfect. Technician was super nice & helpful-Highly recommended."

 Dated - 10th May 2019

– AJ

"Very happy with the treatment provided by Dr.Manvir Bhatia and now getting a good & healthy sleep."

 Dated - 29th April 2019

– SM

" Totally satisfied and everyone is very polite. They give full time and listen to you which is more satisfying. "

 Dated - 29th April 2019

– SK

" We had sleep test at home which went great and appreciate the assistance from Dr.Manvir and her staff as they ensured my comfort during the test. "

 Dated - 25th April 2019

– Mr.Agrawal

" Very hospitable staff that made me feel comfortable. "

 Dated - 22nd April 2019

– TS

" Very Pleasant meeting with Dr.Manvir Bhatia "

 Dated - 15th April 2019

– NM

" Excellent Service received from Mohsin-Physiothereapist -My painful neck sprain which had persisted over 2 weeks was healed in a matter of days thanks to accelerate healing program brought to the table by Mohsin. A combination of anti-inflammatory topical gel application, tens stretching and relaxation exercises for the shoulder and neck muscle resulted in quick return to normalcy and being right as rain "

 Dated - 12th April 2019

– Mr.Shiven

" Satisfied with the technicians behavior and installation "

 Dated - 10th April 2019

– Mr. Chetan