" Sleep was quite good after use of CPAP. Sleep Test was also conducted successfully. "

" 4 stars to the doctor and the staff, environment was very good, technician helped me a lot by making me comfortable with all the sensors, he was there all night so that I could sleep better. "

" After a longtime got a sound sleep. Thanks to Dr.Bhatia. "

" Well organised, courteous staff, too great care of my comfort, comfortable staying area, overall very satisfied experience. "

" Very friendly environment, Dr.Bhatia is an expert doctor and understand the issues in detail. I was very happy with the sleep test."
–Mrs Nagpal

" Experience Staff and well trained under Dr.Bhatia, Very pleasant environment and polite behavior of the staff. "

" I am using CPAP Device for the past two years firstly I was very scared of these devices but on the advice of Dr.Bhatia I took it for three days trial and I saw a sudden change in my sleep I got a sound sleep which I was desiring, so I decided to purchase it and its been two years I am very happy with myself, as I followed the advice to change my lifestyle and keep using CPAP device I am getting proper sleep, i am more energetic now as before. "

" With the use of CPAP my sleep has improved. "

" Feeling Better, continuously using the device and Comfortable with the device. "

Diabetes and hypertension improvement after using CPAP

" I had very loud snoring with lack of sleep at night and felt very sleepy during the day from past 10 years with hypertension and diabetes. After the usage of device as recommended by Dr.Manvir Bhatia I am 80% better and feel comfortable. After using this my medication for high blood pressure have been decreased. Diabetes control has showed marked improvement .Thanks and wishing her all the very best for future ahead. "
–Anurag Solanki, 40 years

Narcolepsy with severe excessive daytime sleepiness improved after treatment

" I used to feel tired the whole day , infact dozed off while driving .The severe sleepiness interfered with my work since 1 and half year . When I met Dr.Manvir Bhatia got a sleep study done with daytime test for sleep and started on with treatment .Now I am able to concentrate at my work and feel more alert.It was a satisfactory experience .Thanks to Dr. Manvir Bhatia "
- Deshpal Singh 27 years, Bareilly

Loud snoring with accident while driving

" I had very very loud snoring which increased sleepiness during day, while driving and at work. He used to feel that he would have achieved much more in life if it would have been diagnosed earlier. After getting reference of Dr .Manvir Bhatia from internet I visited her and had sleep study after that she prescribed a CPAP which I used on trial basis and there is a visible difference in my daytime symptoms and day is bright and alert.Thanks to her for valuable advice and time"
- Mr.Amarjeet Singh 35 years, Delhi

" For the past 20 years or so, I have had a problem of my nose being blocked at night which resulted in snoring . The snoring became worse as the years went by and I tried everything.... every conceivable nasal spray, anti histamines, Acupuncture... you name it! The relief was always temporary and things became so bad that i had to sleep in another room, most nights. I was anxious, irritable, putting on weight but no one told me I had sleep Apnea!
The last ENT specialist I saw in December, 2010 referred me to Dr. Manvir Bhatia for a sleep study. I underwent this with great optimism, mostly, as Dr. Bhatia and her amazing team made me completely comfortable and answered all my ( irritating) questions!! The sleep Apnea was diagnosed and the prospect of sleeping with a mask on my face, attached to a machine was scary to say the least! It took some getting used to but now I can safely say that I sleep like a baby without snoring or my nose getting blocked. I thank Dr. Bhatia and her team for the complete support and all the patience. "

"I am Anand Mohan aged 52 yrs and I was suffering from sleep disorder for quite sometime.I am also a achohol abuser and would drink every day before going to sleep and even in drunken state I could not sleep properly and would be tossing and turning the whole night with the result that I would be very tired and sleepy the whole next day.I was scared of driving as my eyes would keep closing and I would fall aleep many times sitting in my office. Many times things like cups (filled with tea),pen,remotes ect would drop from my hands.

I attributed this sleeplessness to stress and wrong pillow maybe till my doctor asked me to go to Dr.Bhatia. She conducted a few tests (Sleep Study ) andadvised me to use a respiratory machine which she gave me on trial basis for a week which was very generous of her since she hardly knew me.Since then my life has changed drastically and now I sleep very soundly for 8hrs or more at times and also I get the best sleep without alchohol which I am able to give up for days together I don't know how.

I sincerely thank first my doctor Dr.Amitabh Parti for sending me to Dr.Manveer Bhatia and Dr.Bhatia herself for taking care of my problem and giving me a new life.

My wife and kids tell me that i have stopped snoring. thanks doc."
Anand Mohan

"Well there are Angels and then there are Super Angels and all of us have read all these in story books and I do not know any body who has seen one and/or met one. But Yes I can claim and prove that the Angels exist and I know one such super Angel.

My real story goes back to say almost 4 years from now when I started feeling fatigued all day long and my already over weight profile just started increasing couple of pounds every months. Like anybody else I would approach a physician , cardiologist and dietitian and on their recommendations. I started repeating some of the blood investigation coupled with occasional ECG and Stress ECHO's but the ever increasing fatigue along with weight gave me feeling of 65 year old men at the age of 46.

None of the weight loss program me along-with with some special energy building drugs could bring even the slightest relief in me and I lost all hopes in the life.

The alarm bell rang when I boarded a flight to Bangalore and was shocked on being shaken by pretty airhostees , when I realised I have landed at Bangalore while I thought flight is yet to take off.

The next few days I made it a point to give my last shot and find out what is wrong and a friend referred about sleep study and same movement I got in touch with Dr. Manvir Bhatia's no. ( THE SUPER ANGEL) and explained her my problems over phone and she arranged an out of turn sleep study the same night.

Well the next morning while leaving her clinic I felt I am different human being. She analysed my reports and lended me a CPAP machine for one week and probably this one of support made the difference in my life and life style.

My ever increasing weight came under immediate control and the other breath related problems including my regular attacks of Bad Nose and Throat are now history. The energy levels I now enjoy has never been experienced by me in last 10 years.

The story does not end here and for all above I will refer Dr. Bhatia as may be an Angel but then Super Angels are actually equipped with Super Powers.

My only wife Anju was undergoing psychiatrist treatment and in spite of best medical intervention ( as I thought ) her problems won't resolve and as the side effect high drug dosage her entire body got swollen.

I discussed the entire thing with Dr. Bhatia and she took over starting with sleep study and the light dose of medicine and touch wood in 2 months today Anju is a changed personality.

Well I need not say or write further why I refer to Dr. Manvir Bhatia as SUPER ANGEL but believe me or not she has a healing touch because she does not treat you as a patient. Her occasional follow up and a personal involvement along with her knowledge of her subject makes all the difference.

Her noble initiative through Sleep Apnea support Group goes far beyond any Doctor will do in today's highly professional environment.

I wish her a very long life and may Almighty God bless her with MIDAS touch in healing more patients like me and my wife."
Rajiv Manchanda
D-29 G.F. Model Town Part II

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