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I. Consultation
. Are you sleepy and tired during day?
. Do you need sleeping pills and alcohol to get good sleep?

Please book a consultation with Dr.Manvir Bhatia for above problems.

II. Sleep Study

Overnight Sleep Study

What is Sleep Study?
The sleep study consists of a non-invasive test called a polysomnogram. This records a variety of body functions during sleep such as electrical activity of the brain, sleep pattern, breathing, oxygen levels, heart rate and rhythm, and muscle tone. The sleep technologist will connect the patient to the monitoring equipment via a series of stick-on electrode patches. The wires are long enough so that you can sleep in any position you wish. Once the study is complete, the test data is reviewed and "scored" by a specialist and relevant recommendations are made.

Types of Sleep Study

Type I . Complete Study

Level 1 : (Clinic) In this, the patient is asked to come to the clinic in night's comfortable clothing at 9:30 pm on the day of the test - a sleep technologist will place sensors on patient's scalp, face, chest and legs. These sensors will record brainwave activity (to assess sleep stage), eye movements, muscle activity, heart rhythm, body movements, nasal/oral airflow, respiratory effort and oxygenation. The test is an overnight test, will continue till the usual wake-up time of the patient.

Level 2 : (Home-based) It's the same study like clinic- based, the only difference is it is performed at patient's home and the technician will stay overnight at patient's home till the completion of the test.

CPAP Titration-will be performed during the above if required on the same night.

Type II . Screening-(without technician)

Level 3 :In this the Technician will go to the patients home and fix the machine, will teach the patient how to use the equipment but NOT spend the night. The equipment shall be picked up the next morning or dropped by patient(after discussion). This will record more than 4 channels i.e. snoring, breathing effort, oxygen saturation and ECG .

Level 4 : In this patient comes to the clinic, learns how to use the sleep recording device by himself and will drop the equipment to the clinic , the following morning. This will record only two channels: breathing and oxygen saturation.

III (1)PAP Titration

Once you are diagnosed with sleep apnoea which machine is right for you?
PAP titration is conducted by trained staff to determine this.
Example-Can help identify if CPAP/Bi PAP/AVAP/ASV is to be used.

(2)Mask Fit
The regular usage of thePAP depends upon the mask fit.
We can offer you a wide range of masks and help you choose the one with which you are comfortable with-nasal,fullface,nasalpillow,etc.

(3) Sale of PAP devices
. We keep wide range of :

CPAP delivers air under pressure,which is same during inspiration and expiration. The range can be from 4 to 20 which is fixed (as required)-in a fixed CPAP. Can vary in a auto CPAP.

This has 2 pressures. There is difference in inspiration and expiration.

AVAP is a machine which delivers to provide constant volume and pressure particularly good in patients with chronic lung disease, muscle weakness and severe obesity.

ASV device provides expiratory positive pressure to take care of Obstructive Apnoeas.
It is used in patient with heart failure.

ASV is unique machine which continuously adapts with the patient,it provides support when patient needs it and backs off when not required.

Very helpful in Sleep Apnoea .

The trained technical staff will have 1 to 1 session to explain usage, cleaning, maintainnence,etc. of device prior to purchase.We offer comparative prices with excellent services.

MSLT is done to determine objectively daytime sleepiness.Strict rules have to be followed before the day of test.It requires one day and technical expertise which are available in our centers.

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